Accessories & Add-Ons

As you create your building there are many accessories and add-ons that you may want to consider. Some are only for look, but most have practical applications. Learn about these below.

Garage Doors

Our garage doors are the roll up type. They retract into a cylinder above the door opening. We offer a variety of sizes 6′ x 6′, 8′ x 7′, 9′ x 7′, 10′ x 8′, 10’ x 10’, and commercial sizes with a chain at 10’x12′, 12’x12′, 12’x14′, 14’x14‘. Please note there are no windows in our garage doors.

Walk-In Doors

Our optional walk in doors are 34” x 72” and they have a 9” x 9” window.


Our 30″ x 30″ strong, heavy duty and enduring windows give your building a more appealing and finish look.

Gable Ends

A steel panel, usually installed horizontally, with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building, and they extend from the top of the legs up. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

Corner Braces

Corner braces are U-shaped channels that are used to assist in reinforcing the structure of the building. On all of our building, four 2’ long corner braces come standard, and are installed on each corner of the building. Additional corner braces are available at additional cost. We recommend the use of 2’ long corner braces on each building leg (2 per bow). For buildings with legs that are longer than 8’ , we recommend that customers upgrade to 3’ or 4′ corner braces on each corner, and we also recommend that they be installed on each building leg (2 per bow).


If your are planning to add and enclosed carport, garage, or other metal building to your property, consider the benefits of adding insulation. If you plan to use your structure as a workshop, art studio, office, play house, or recreation room you will want to make sure its comfortable and energy efficient.

Insulation of your enclosed building offers many benefits:

1. Reduced heat flow and costs for heating or cooling, saving you money.
2. Less heating and cooling means less green house gases.
3. Condensation control; which helps to avoid mold buildup and corrosion of metals.
4. Noise control.

Mobile Home Anchors

Mobile home anchors are used to secure the building in a ground installation only, and they are used primarily on certified buildings. They are helical in design. They can be installed as an option on all other buildings at an additional charge.

Concrete Anchors

These anchors are the ultimate strength add-on you can add to your building or carport. At only $100 each, you can rest assure your building will last decades!

Extra Panels

Extra panels add extra strength to any carport. In addition, it is up to you whether you want one panel on each side or just one panel on one side. 

a frame carport vertical roof

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