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Metal Barns come in all colors and styles. Whether, you are looking for hay storage or just a tough building, our Metal Barns are the best in the business. Check them all out to figure out which one suits you.

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Top Selling Metal Barns

metal carports in arkansas

46x41x12&9 All Vertical Barn

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premium carports in arkansas

46x26x10&7 Straight Roof Barn

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metal carports in arkansas

44x21x9&6 Regular Style Barn

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premium carports in arkansas

44x21x12&7 Vertical Roof Barn

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metal carports in arkansas

42x21x10&7 Boxed Eave Style Barn

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premium carports in arkansas

44x26x11&8 Vertical Roof Style Barn

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Metal Barn

Barns are the ultimate storage building offering spacious interiors where anything will be protected from nature. Barns are also made from the highest quality galvanized metal for maximized strength, specially when combined with our 12 gauge option. Trackers, hay, bikes, and vehicles will be perfect for your barn. Customize your barn today!

SiRam Metal Buildings offers only high-quality metal barns. All of our Barns are securely anchored to the ground or cement. This reliable and secure foundation provides your building with a sturdy and robust shelter for your vehicle or boat. Furthermore, our metal tubing comes with a 20 year rusting warranty if you opt for 12 gauge tubing for the frame.

Perfect Solution For The Farming Community

The word “Barn” usually brings up the image of an aged, red wooden building, that’s the old-fashioned version.

Today, we have the materials and technology available to build metal barns that are more durable and long-lasting than traditional ones! That’s exactly what SiRam Metal Buildings can do for you. We build custom metal barns that meet all our customer’s expectations while lasting throughout the years! We use the highest quality steel, available in both 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized steel frames.

Every metal barn that we construct comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty on the 12-gauge frames. These warranties are included because although we know our custom metal barns are durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, we want to back our product and give our customers a peace of mind.

Metal Barn Roof Options

Regular Roof

The horizontal roof paired with the regular style frame make for the most affordable Barns we have. All regular style Frame barns come with a standard horizontal roof. 29-gauge panels run perpendicular to the bows. A horizontal roof gets the job done, but if your location is known for extreme weather, we recommend the vertical roof. Some advantages are:

  • Most Affordable
  • Simple Style

Vertical Roof

Customers often opt for the vertical roof because in addition to looking better, a vertical roof adds structure and strength to your carport. This is because he vertical roof is constructed with additional hat channels in the rafters. Hat channels are steel beams that look like hats and add durability and stability to the roof. Since the panels run with the slope of the roof, vertical roofs do a much better when it rains and snows. Here are some advantages:

  • Added Strength
  • Added Structure
  • Easier for Rain & Snow to Slide Off
  • Superior Look

Straight Roof

Straight Roof Barns are the third roofing option you have. These barns can either have a vertical roof or a horizontal roof, although we recommend the Vertical for added strength.

Premium Arkansas Barns

Our Arkansas Barns come fully enclosed with a wainscoat for superior attraction. In addition, these barns come with a vertical roof and vertical sides & ends. This is by far the most sturdy and tough barn we offer. Add windows, roll-up doors, and walk-in doors to your liking as well.

  • Vertical Roof
  • Vertical Sides & Ends
  • Colonial Style
  • Max Durability
  • 20 year rust gaurantee (12 gauge)
  • Beautiful Wainscoat
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Metal Barn Frame Sizing

20′ Long 25′ Long 30′ Long 35′ Long 40′ Long *30 PSF/140 MPH
36’x20’x12’x8′ 36’x25’x12’x8′ 36’x30’x12’x8′ 36’x35’x12’x8′ 36’x40’x12’x8′
42’x20’x12’x8′ 42’x25’x12’x8′ 42’x30’x12’x8′ 42’x35’x12’x8′ 42’x40’x12’x8′
44’x20’x12’x8′ 44’x25’x12’x8′ 44’x30’x12’x8′ 44’x35’x12’x8′ 44’x40’x12’x8′
46’x20’x12’x8′ 46’x25’x12’x8′ 46’x30’x12’x8′ 46’x35’x12’x8′ 46’x40’x12’x8′
48’x20’x12’x8′ 48’x25’x12’x8′ 48’x30’x12’x8′ 48’x35’x12’x8′ 48’x40’x12’x8′
50’x20’x12’x8′ 50’x25’x12’x8′ 50’x30’x12’x8′ 50’x35’x12’x8′ 50’x40’x12’x8′
54’x20’x12’x8′ 54’x25’x12’x8′ 54’x30’x12’x8′ 54’x35’x12’x8′ 54’x40’x12’x8′

If you are looking for more sizes, give us a call and ask if we can build the size you want! [More Likely Than Not, We Can] 

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Metal Thickness

Metal gauge is a unit used to measure the thickness of steel elements. The higher the gauge number of the steel, the thinner the steel is. Our standard metal carports come with 14- gauge steel tubing which has a dimension of 2.5” x 2.5”. However, you can upgrade the carport with 12- gauge tubing with a dimension of 2.25” x 2.25”. A 12-gauge steel tubing has a higher structural strength and is much more suited to withstand heavy snow and strong winds loads.

arkansas metal carports

Color Options

Color options for carports are as follow: white, beige, tan, brown, taupe, pewter gray, zinc gray, blue, green, red, burgundy, and black

Carports can be ordered with different color panels and trim. This is all up for you to decide.

Additional Options

Additional options include gabled ends, extra panels, extra braces, extra bows and legs, concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, and optional ground concrete supports. This additions can be made to any carport that you order with SiRam Metal Buildings.

The info-graphic on the side shows exactly how ground concrete supports would look like. These ground supports go 5 feet deep and are reinforced with concrete.

Depending on the type of weather conditions your location encounters, we have anchors that accommodate normal or severe weather conditions.

Standard anchors come as default with with every carport and are 5 fee long

Asphalt anchors are used when a carport is installed on asphalt.

Mobile home anchors can be ordered with every carport. Location weather conditions should inform you whether you will need these.

Concrete anchors are exactly what their name implies. If you want your carport installed on concrete, concrete anchors are going to have to be used.

Gable End – A steel panel, usually installed horizontally, with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building, and they extend from the top of the legs up. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

metal carports in arkansas

Ordering Your Barn

Once you have the right size and options in mind, ordering your barn is simple and straight forward. Our barn specialists will guide you every step of the way. Depending on your city or zip-code, you might need a building permit from your city.

When your’re finally ready to order, we do require a signed order form and a 10%-20% down-payment. This will depend on how much your building costs and our scheduling process. After that, sit back and relax, your building is on its way to your property! [Delivery usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months]

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