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SiRam Metal Buildings offers a big variety of buildings of all sizes, but the most popular and best-selling of our buildings is the All-Vertical Barn. As the name suggests, this barn is comes with a vertical roof and vertical walls. By far, this is one of our most premium products because of the strength and robust nature it offers.

The added strength the roof adds is a strongly liked added feature our customers love. The vertical roof is constructed with additional hat channels in the rafters. Hat channels are steel beams that look like hats and add durability and stability to the roof. Vertical roofs also have an overhang just like a house would. Snow, water, and debris have an easier time when sliding off because of the vertical roof; also an advantage.

Not only does it come with a vertical roof, but with vertical walls all around. This fully enclosed MONSTER with vertical steel panel walls offers our customers the robustness and superior look they deserve.

In addition to its toughness, it’s options are almost endless!

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Building It Out

One of the biggest benefits of our Premium All-Vertical Barns is the tremendous added strength & structure. We refer to these barns as the “Arkansas Barn” because of the strength and because we’re based in our lovely Arkansas. If you have any questions regarding these buildings, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email, no strings attached. We love hearing from intrigued potential customers.

The build process will usually take 1-3 days depending on the size of the project. Our crews are top quality and have 20 years of experience! This allows us to confidently ask you to trust us with your ARKANSAS BARN.

Options & Extras

While purchasing a base model barn will provide ample coverage and protection for your vehicle as-is, we have a number of additional options available for our barns.

Options of our All-Vertical Barn include gabled ends, Roll-up Doors, Windows, Walk-In Doors, double legs, extra panels, extra braces, and extra bows and legs. Other extras are optional ground concrete supports, our 12-gauge steel upgrade, and insulation.

  42x26x14x8 All-Vertical Barn  

Roll-Up Doors







Walk-In Doors




Stylish Windows




Two-Tone Color Options Vertical Walls

Many of our customers choose to add gabled ends to their vertical carports, which fill the triangular space between the tops of the legs and the peak of the building. A gabled end cuts down on your clearance height, but at the same time, it adds more support and gives the steel building a more refined look. Gabled ends can be added to the front, back, or both ends of a metal carport.

When purchasing an A-frame carport, it’s important to determine how much clearance you need. The goal is to have enough vertical space inside your carport once it’s installed. Finding the clearance for your vertical carport is relatively simple: start with the leg height. The roof has a standard pitch of 3/12. This measurement means the roof will rise 3 feet for every 12 feet of width. Alternatively, this is equal to a ¼ pitch. In that case, go up one foot for every 4 feet of width. If you aren’t sure what size carport to order, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll walk you through the steps of determining the proper height and clearance you’ll want to meet your needs.

We can install your carport on either cement or ground. If we install on ground, it is up to the customer to make sure the ground is level. When a carport is installed on concrete, the carport gets concrete anchors, while when it is installed on ground, the carport gets 3-foot rebar anchors with a nail head top.

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