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Metal Garages come in all colors and styles. Want your garage to resemble your house? Our A-Frame options let you do that. Check them all out to figure out which one suits you.

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Top Selling Metal Garages 

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A-Frame Vertical Garage With 2 Roll Up Doors

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30x50x12 Fully Enclosed Garage

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metal carports in arkansas

26×50 Garage With 3 Side Entry Roll Up Doors

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premium carports in arkansas

22x21x9 Garage

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metal carports in arkansas

30×36 Vertical Roof Garage With 3 Roll Up Doors

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28x25x12 A-Frame Garage

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Metal Garage Details

If your looking for an affordable, built to last storage building, then you’ve come to the right place. Our garages are top quality and suit any need imaginable. They are fully customizable where you can easily add extra doors, roll-up doors, windows, and much more! Metal garages come enclosed from all angles(front,back, & sides). Due to this, our garages are able to protect anything that is inside at all times. Metal garages are one of the best investments a home owner can make due to the amount of protection metal garages provide. Protection against UV rays, heavy snow, rain, and hail are the common compliments our buildings get but aren’t limited to just those. Theft protection is also one of the things metal garages are praised for. Metal garages are strong and durable surely to meet your highest expectations.

Unlike wood, metal is does not react to weather making it far more durable. Wood will depend on the weather and effort of the owner to maintain it for years. Metal garages have an absurd amount of sustainability meaning that a metal garage will outlive any wooden counterpart. Metal also is far more stronger than wood. With strength, sustainability, and maintenance costs in mind, a metal garage is a no-brainer.

Our customers usually use their metal garages as storage for equipment, tools, and lawn mowers. A portion of our customers also like to use their garage for specifically for their vehicle or sometimes for a project car.

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Other than durability and protection, metal garages have many other features like:

  • Custom Size Options
  • Custom Door Options
  • Environment Friendly
  • Fast Installation
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Robustness
  • Sturdiness

Garage Styles

arkansas metal garages

Regular Style [With Rounded Corners]

Our regular rounded corner garage is one of our most recognizable metal buildings. You can be positive that a metal garage will last you decades after installation.

A-Frame Style [Boxed Eave]

A-Frame Garages offer a more structured look. Customers often get an A-Frame Garage because they want to match it with their house due to the boxed style roof it has.

Garage Roofing Options

Regular Style With Horizontal Roof

The most recognizable roof style is the horizontal roof with a regular style garage. Our customers love the simplicity of the rounded corners and the strength they offer for the cost. Our garage buildings are one of the most valuable buildings because of their versatility.

A-Frame Style With Horizontal Roof

Customers also lean to the A-Frame metal garage because of its look. Clients often choose this style because it closely resembles with their house; this is mostly due to the A-Frame Style of the building.

A-Frame Style With A Vertical Roof

Although our Regular and A-Frame Horizontal Garages are popular, a vast majority of our customer opt to upgrade to a Vertical Roof Garage for the added strength. A Vertical Roof adds more strength and less chance of water seeping through over the years. Call us Today to see which Garage suites you!

Metal Carport Buying Considerations

Rather than having a “one size fits all” system, SiRam Metal Buildings knows that each our customers has different needs when it comes to buying a metal garage. This is why we offer almost unlimited sizes, customization, and options. SiRam Metal Buildings will guide you to the perfect building that will satisfy your needs. Also customers can control and order all aspects of their metal garage to suit their needs.

Metal Thickness

Metal gauge is a unit used to measure the thickness of steel elements. The higher the gauge number of the steel, the thinner the steel is. Our standard metal carports come with 14- gauge steel tubing which has a dimension of 2.5” x 2.5”. However, you can upgrade the carport with 12- gauge tubing with a dimension of 2.25” x 2.25”. A 12-gauge steel tubing has a higher structural strength and is much more suited to withstand heavy snow and strong winds loads.

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Color Options

Color options for carports are as follow: white, beige, tan, brown, taupe, pewter gray, zinc gray, blue, green, red, burgundy, and black

Carports can be ordered with different color panels and trim. This is all up for you to decide.

Additional Options

Additional options include gabled ends, extra panels, extra braces, extra bows and legs, concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, and optional ground concrete supports. This additions can be made to any carport that you order with SiRam Metal Buildings.

The info-graphic on the side shows exactly how ground concrete supports would look like. These ground supports go 5 feet deep and are reinforced with concrete.

Depending on the type of weather conditions your location encounters, we have anchors that accommodate normal or severe weather conditions.

Standard anchors come as default with with every carport and are 5 fee long

Asphalt anchors are used when a carport is installed on asphalt.

Mobile home anchors can be ordered with every carport. Location weather conditions should inform you whether you will need these.

Concrete anchors are exactly what their name implies. If you want your carport installed on concrete, concrete anchors are going to have to be used.

Gable End – A steel panel, usually installed horizontally, with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building, and they extend from the top of the legs up. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

metal carports in arkansas

With metal garages, the customization is almost unlimited. Customers can choose how many windows, roll-up doors, and walk-in doors they want. Even if you order your metal garage and later decide you need more storage or an extra door, SiRam Metal Buildings has you covered. We can add extra storage space to your garage without a problem or add extra doors.

Walk-In Doors

Walk in doors are essential for any metal garage. Sizes available are:

32″x72″ or 36″x80″

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-Up doors are great for quick and easy access to your garage. Available sizes are:

10’x10′, 10’x9′, 9’x7′, 8’x7′, 6’x6′


Windows are great for the sides of the garage or back end. Sizes available are:

30″x30″, or 30″x40″


Insulating your metal garage will reduce heat, cold, noise, etc. from coming into your garage. We offer single and double layer insulation.

Ordering Your Garage

Ordering your metal garage with SiRam Metal Buildings is a straightforward process. After you have customized and chosen your metal garage, you can place the order for your building. The processing of your building will begin once the down payment of the building is paid off. If the price of the metal garage is under $1500, the down payment is just 10% of the total cost while it is 12% for an order that has total cost between $1500 and $4000. The down payment for structures with prices higher than $4000 is 15% of the total cost.

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