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Vertical Roof Garage Details

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For the best of the best, customers always go with Vertical Roof Garages. One of the sturdiest, if not the sturdiest buildings we offer, Vertical roof garages can be used for basically anything. Customers can add as many roll up & walk in doors as they like to fully accommodate their needs. One of the things that makes this building extra strong is the vertical roof. To install a vertical roof on any building, we first have to install hat channels. Hat channels are installed only on vertical buildings on sides, ends and the roof to reinforce and stable building. These hat channels make these garages sturdy as can be.

Customers use  these garages for many many reasons. Some use them as a workshop while others use it for equipment storage. These buildings also can be ordered with 12 gauge tubing or 14 gauge tubing. These basically is the tubing thickness the garage frame is made with. We recommend customers upgrade to 12 gauge tubing if they live in windy locations or if they just want the best they can get.

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