Why is metal is better than other building materials?

Metal has for centuries proven a building material of choice for constructors and homeowners. Ever since the first metallic structures and materials started to emerge, building with lumber, wood, clay, mud, or thatch got quickly phased off and is nowadays almost forgotten. But why is metal much better than other building materials? Why would you go for it? Below are some reasons why metal compared to other building materials is a better option.


You’ll agree with me that a metal structure or building has so much more strength than all other materials listed above. For instance, a wooden structure or building of the same size would be far weaker than a metallic one. The high tensile strength per unit mass in metal makes structures made of it withstand great weight per square foot unlike when many other alternative building materials are used.


A metallic structure would also be more durable than a wooden one. This is because metal is able to withstand harsh weather conditions- including rainfall, sunshine, frost, snow, and even strong winds. This makes metallic structures less susceptible to natural wear and tear. Did you know that you’d have to do more repairs in a wooden building or structure than you’d ever do for a metallic one? And that adds on to cost, too.

Other advantages


metal can be recycled if the purpose of a structure has been outlived and a brand new- probably different structure can get constructed. Most other materials will be non-recyclable- which is not good in these global warming times.

·Aesthetic value addition:

in modern-day constructions, it has become increasingly known that metallic structures can accommodate far much more innovations and creativity compared to most other building materials. This has made them appealing for use even for a wide range of
commercial purposes.

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In summary

Metallic structures have for centuries proven dependable, durable, sustainable, and of greater customizable aesthetic dimension than most other building materials. This is why they are increasingly becoming a favorite among many building owners.

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